VR Movies Now Playing


Allumette          A Penrose Studio VR Movie

Allumette is a virtual reality story about love, sacrifice, and a deep bond between a young girl and her mother.



Rose and I         A Penrose Studio VR Movie

An immersive, animated VR film. Crafted by the artists, animators, and storytellers of Penrose Studios, “The Rose And I” is about loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. Come meet a lonely Rose living in the unlikeliest of places, and join her as she transports you to a brand new universe.



Henry         A Oculus Story Studio VR Movie

Henry is a little hedgehog with a big problem … he loves to hug. Henry finds himself alone on the day of his birthday – until he makes a wish that changes everything.



Our VR movies are played through Oculus Go or VIVE systems depending on the contents.