Why Choose VR NOBLE?

VR Noble provides the following unique features that no other arcades do :

(1) Play privately in a room with your friends

Each of our customers will enjoy an acoustically engineered and private room in “real” reality when he or she is with friends in virtual reality. There is no other place in Canada that can provide this luxury. You can always feel safe when you adventure in a fantasy world because your friends are sitting beside you and watching you; no strangers can see your awkwardness and clumsiness in VR.

(2) Relieves your burden – no headphones

We can relieve the equipment weight on your head by using a roomful of premium quality and immersive 3D sound (BOSE) for both you (in VR) and your friends (in the real world). Isn’t that cool? Now your friends can hear what you hear in the game. But the players’ noise in other rooms won’t interfere with your ears. Again, there is no other place in Canada providing this luxury. Only we can do it!

Best VR Arcade in Toronto
Best VR Arcade in Toronto

(3) Free-roaming VR – Best VR Arcade in Toronto 

The FREE ROAMING VR game, is a different VR game-playing mode, in which all players are inside one very big room and play together directly inside one specially designed VR game. This is different from a normal multiplayer VR game in that the real-world physical distance between you and your real-person friend is the same as your virtual-world one, so you feel more real and fun. We have Laser Tag and 4 Noble games in Free Roaming VR.

Best VR Arcade in Toronto
Best VR Arcade in Toronto
Best VR Arcade in Toronto
Best VR Arcade in Toronto

(4) Unique and more content selections; VR Noble original VR movies 

We introduce NEW highly ranked VR games frequently! We have built a huge library of unique and great VR content for your entertainment needs. There are the following two categories: (1)  VR games; (2) VR motion pictures (i.e. movies, short films, animations, gameplay clips, and videos).

Best VR Arcade in Toronto
Best VR Arcade in Toronto Visit vrnole.com/booking to book

 (5) Bacteria-free face and nose pad, cleaned with alcohol after every use

For every customer, we will clean the face and nose pad using an alcohol solution or ultrasound device; on your request, we can also provide a one-time-use disposable VR face pad.

(6) VIP rates for frequent customers

We often provide special perks to our frequent customers or members. Ask us for information about becoming a member.


VR Noble is in CTV NewsTAVES Oct.28, 2016

Pat Foran was playing at VR Noble’s booth like a real “Noble” in VR.