VR Noble – Premium Virtual Reality in Toronto

First VR Arcade and VR Movie Theater in GTA

VR Noble is the first VR arcade in the Greater Toronto Area, which provides a premium virtual reality (VR) entertainment experience. It was launched on August 8, 2016, immediately after the first CtrlV opened in Waterloo. At VR Noble, we ensure that you will have an unforgettable immersive experience that is the best you can get in Canada. VR Noble is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario and now expanding to other areas in Ontario.

VR Noble is recently renovated and we have new bigger rooms opening now. New devices and services have been added and expanded.

From December we start to provide small VR party services (up to 5 or 10 people). In the party friends can play multiplayer games to fight locally each other and have greater fun (check here to see what games can be played with your friends). Good for birthday party, friends hang out, and family get together. Please go to the booking page, click “book appointment” button to check the various services and book your time.

VR Noble is also opening a VR theater at the GTA location. Soon you can enjoy breathtaking VR movies at VR Noble. The general ticket is priced roughly at $8.85 + HST for 40 minutes of wonderful time.


We currently provide HTC VIVE and Oculus Go devices for our customers.

Appointment Only, Book Online

We operate the arcade on an appointment basis. We only accept appointments online or over the phone. You MUST book a time before physically coming on-site! However please rest assured because you are risk-free: (1) we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. That is, if you are unsatisfied with our service, we will refund 100% (onsite) without asking a second question; (2) you can freely change to other services or packages onsite before or during the hours (as long as the hours are not conflicting with other appointments), and we will adjust the payment accordingly (refund or pay proportionally). For online booking, prices of our services, or contact phone numbers, please visit the booking page here!

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Recently Added Content(s)

There are a total of 50+ VR contents (games + movies) for you to choose from; the contents are added frequently! The newly added games are:
NEW Game Added


Battle of Kings  (Single player and Multiplayer among Friends in the room)

You can’t win only by defending your Kingdom. Develop your economics, assemble and upgrade your army to defeat the enemy forces in a real Battle of Kings.


What Can You Do at VR Noble?

Play amazing VR Games

Come to play various intense and interactive Virtual reality games where you can experience being in a three-dimensional environment and interact with that environment during a game.

Watch immersive VR Movies

VR movies are the movies or videos shot or computer generated in VR environment and format. This is a brand new format of media. VR Noble is producing a series original VR movies to show at the venues. These movies are exclusively showed only in VR Noble theaters.

How VR and VR NOBLE works?

Why Choose VR NOBLE?

In summary, VR Noble provides the following unique features that no other arcades do :

(1) Play privately in a room with your friends

Each of our customers will enjoy an acoustically conditioned and private room in “real” reality when he or she is with friends in virtual reality. There is no other place in Canada that can provide this luxury. You can always feel safe when you adventure in a fantasy world because your friends are sitting beside you and watching you; no strangers can see your awkwardness and clumsiness in VR.

(2) Halve the Burden on your Head Because No Headphones are Needed

We can halve the VR equipment weight on your head using a roomful of premium quality and immersive 3D sound (BOSE) for both you (in VR) and your friends (in the real world). Isn’t this cool? Now your friends can hear what you hear in the game. But the players’ noise in other rooms won’t interfere with your ears. Again, there is no other place in Canada providing this luxury. Only we can do it!

(3) Green screen MIXED REALITY recording to show your friends where you are in the virtual world

Now your friends can both watch you play in the real world and know how you perform in the virtual world! You can share the recordings with your many other friends online. Again, there is no other place in Canada providing this luxury. This feature needs to be ordered and notified at the time of online booking.

(4) Unique and great content selections; VR Noble original VR movies coming soon

We introduce NEW highly ranked VR games frequently! We have built a huge library of unique and great VR contents for your entertainment needs. There are the following two categories: (1)  VR games; (2) VR motion pictures (i.e. movies, short films, animations, gameplay clips, and videos).


(5) Bacteria-free face and nose pad, cleaned with alcohol after every use; or disposable face pad

For every customer, we will clean the face and nose pad using an alcohol solution or ultrasound device; or provide a one-time-use disposable HTC face pad.

VR Noble padClean

(6) VIP rates for frequent customers

We often provide special perks to our frequent customers or members. Ask us for information about becoming a member.

VR Noble VIP2

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VR Noble is in CTV NewsTAVES Oct.28 2016

Pat Foran was playing at VR Noble’s booth like a real “Noble” in VR.


Great selection of VR games and videos; the room setup is quite comfortable. It was an eye-opening experience for me and my wife…I will definitely share with my friends!
Thank you so much for today and I will bring my kids here again in two weeks!
It is really interesting. Also I feel the price is much cheaper than in other countries…
Haha, this is so great! We will come back next month…
Mom, I don’t want to leave! It is so fun – chop, chop fruits and job simulator…
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