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FIRST commercial VR ARCADE in GTA

VR Noble is a first Canadian technology service company that provides comprehensive premium virtual reality (VR) entertainment experience in GTA (greater toronto area, launched on August 8 2016). VR Noble ensures your immersive experience is unforgettable and the best you can get in Canada. VR Noble is headquartered in Mississauga Ontario and it is now fast expanding to the centre of Toronto city and north east Ontario in early 2017.


The first vSports competition will take place At VR Noble, March 17th-19th



VR Noble is in CTV news – TAVES Oct.28 2016

Pat Foran was playing Noble VR



Great selection of VR games and videos; Room setup is quite comfortable. It was an eye opening experience for me and my wife…I will definitely share with my friends!

Thank you so much for today. I will bring my kids here again in two weeks!
It is really interesting. Especially I feel the price is much cheaper than in other countries…
Haha, this is so great! We will come back in next month…
Mom, I don’t want to leave! It is so fun – chop, chop fruits and job simulator… Hahaha…


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Appointment Only, must book online before you come!

Order TypesPrices for a Room
One happy hour (1 to 4 people per room, share one device) $24.99
Double fun hours (1 to 4 people per room, share one device) $47.99 (regular $49.98)
Three crazy hours (1 to 4 people per room, share one device) $69.99 (regular $74.97)
Monthly pass’ (for 7 flexible room hours in a month) $139.99 (regular $174.93)
Custom pass” Please call us
Browse Our VR Content   Total 24 VR contents for you to choose from; The contents are refreshed frequently!

Play amazing VR Games

Enjoy immersive VR Videos


How VR and VR NOBLE works?
Why do I choose VR NOBLE?

(1) Enjoy your own private room with friends

Each of VR Noble’s customers will enjoy a spacious acoustically conditioned room in reality when he or she is in a virtual reality. There is no other place in Canada providing this luxury.

VR Noble doorway

(2) Hi-Fi immersive 3D sound without burden on head

VR Noble frees your head from the burden of a headphone. It provides you a roomful premium quality and immersive 3D sound for both your real and virtual world. Isn’t this cool?  (Note: The free-ear sound is only available in weekday evening after 5pm, weekends and holidays)

VR Noble sound

(3) Green screen mixed reality to show your friends where you are in the virtual world

VR Noble added this new feature from our second week of opening. Now your friends can watch you playing and know where you actually are in the virtual world! (special request and order)

VR Noble room



(4) Bacterial-free alcoholic (ultrasonic) cleaned face and nose pad for every use

For each customer and each time, VR Noble will clean the face and nose pad for you using alcohol solution or ultrasound device.

VR Noble padClean


(5) unique and great content selections

VR Noble provides a library of unique and great collection of VR contents for your entertainment need. There are following three tcategories: (1) VR games; (2) VR interactive eye candies; (3) VR videos (i.e. short films, videos and movies).

VR Noble library


(6) VIP rates for frequent customers

VR Noble often provides special perks to its frequent customers or members. Ask us for the information of becoming a VR Noble member.

VR Noble VIP2

Thank you for loving us! 😉 Please come to have fun!

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